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Zimt: Measurement system for end formed tubes - MIT GmbH

Zimt: Measurement system for end formed tubes

The past

Two women workers are shown capping and inspecting tubing which goes into the manufacture of the “Vengeance” (A-31) dive bomber made at Vultee’s Nashville division, Tennessee. [Photographer: The Library of Congress]

Obviously in 1940 there was still no Zimt and the only possible inspection was the visual one.

The present

The present is Zimt: an optical system and software that almost instantly processes a digital image and automatically identifies the geometry of the piece in order to measure all the pipe’s characteristics with a very high precision.

Zimt is a precision measurement instrument for objects having cylindrical symmetry of the most general type. It is the result of almost twenty years of experience in the measure of end formed pipes. Zimt has been developed with the aim of taking advantage of new hardware and software technologies as well as replacing generic tools such as caliper gauges and optical profile projectors. In fact, Zimt was explicitly designed for measuring metal or plastic shaped pipes while taking into account the requirements of speed, precision, operator independence and above all, the shapes’ peculiarities.

The main feature, absolute novelty compared to previous generations, is the ability to measure without programming by the operator. The software captures the image and returns all possible measurements on the measured tube by recognizing the shape of the object. This is a winning feature regarding the manual measurement with operator for a variety of reasons:

  1. Zimt can be used by operators who are inexperienced with computers: they insert the piece, give the measurement command and get the result without having to use the mouse or the keyboard to select what to measure.
  2. When measuring individual pieces, the measurement times are drastically reduced, since it is not necessary to define a measurement program for a single piece.
  3. During several different pieces measurements in succession, the operator does not have to load a new program every time.

The future

In the future… M.I.T. GmbH will surprise you once more!

Click here to watch Zimt Screenshots
Screenshots from the new Release 3.0!