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Inspect International spricht über ZIMT - MIT GmbH

Inspect International spricht über ZIMT

Artikel erschien im Oktober 2017 bei Inspect International

Even though M.I.T. GmbH has been in the market for 3 years, it embodies almost 20 years of experience in the end formed tubes optical measurement and more than 30 years in the design of software for measurement and process control systems.

M.I.T. GmbH’s main product is ZIMT,  a very flexible optical measurement system for measuring end formed tubes. It can measure both metal and plastic tubes with high accuracy , and can be used both in production and in laboratory. The main feature, which is completely new with respect to previous generations, is the ability to measure without creating the measurement “recipe”. The software obtains the image from the camera, processes it and returns the measurements of all of the characteristics of the sample because it recognizes the shape of the object. This is a winning feature when an operator measures manually for the following reasons:

  1. User friendly: An unskilled worker with a limited knowledge of the computer can use this instrument. The user places the piece in front of the camera, starts the measurement and gets the results. It is not necessary to select what and where to measure with the mouse or use the keyboard to ask for specific measurements.

  2. Fast: Since you do not have to create a program to measure an object, it takes less than two seconds to know all of the dimensions of the object. It is much faster than a caliper since with one picture all of the dimensions are obtained.

  3. Highly efficient: When you are measuring different pieces in rapid succession, you do not waste time either writing a program or loading a saved one. Why should one write a program in order to measure a single piece?

An appreciated feature is the possibility to issue certificates of the measured pieces signed by an independent third party.

ZIMT uses an industrial camera and a high quality optical system, composed of bi-telecentric lenses and a collimated illuminator, that acquires the profile of the end of the piece. Then the software processes the image in order to reconstruct the profile with the highest possible precision and finally analyzes the shape using heuristics algorithms to recognize the different features of the piece. It visualizes the measured dimensions both on the image on the screen and in a table. At this point, the operator can decide what to do: to modify the process, keep or reject the piece, print the results, generate a report, export the results to a CAQ  software or create a measurement “recipe” and save it for further use.

Most of the image processing algorithms have been internally developed to improve the accuracy of the measures. They have been specially designed to give precise results in the deformed transition zones and to automatically detect the shapes.

The flexibility of ZIMT lies in the possibility to customize the field of view, the shape of the optical bench (from rectangular with width > 3 × height to almost square) and the kind of installation: desk for laboratory, stand-alone in the workshop or integrated in the forming machine. Furthermore, communication with machines can be customized.

In plastic pipes measurement applications, diameters can vary a lot. ZIMT can measure more than one tube in a single image with no extra delay using parallel computing. For example, in a 320×240 mm field of view it’s possible to measure one tube of nominal diameter 200 mm or two tubes of nominal diameter 100 mm or 5 tubes of nominal diameter 50 mm or 6 tubes of nominal diameter 35 mm.

M.I.T. GmbH can also offer consulting services in the domain of measurement and software development and help in the design of machine vision or measurement systems and of your machines.

M.I.T. GmbH is member of EMVA, of the Gen<I>Cam Group, and of the Silicon Software Partner Network as Competent Center.

Why ZIMT? Zimt is the German word for cinnamon. All of M.I.T.’s products are named after spices, in various languages. Spices are ingredients that make a good recipe excellent. Our products are what makes a manufacturing process excellent.